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Summer | Customizable Coffee Cups


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    • Type your NAME in the text box above.

    • We are only accepting Names, No Other Words and No Initials.

    • However you have your Name in the custom name box is how it will appear on your cups.

    • We only allow 1 Capitalized letter to ensure the name fits on the cup.

    • If you type in an all capitalized lettered name in the text box, we will automatically customize your name with the first letter capitalized only.

    • Keep NAME to ONE WORD. We are only accepting 1 name, not 2 names.

    • Please do not request 2 names and ask for them to be combined into 1 name on your coffee cup, the names will not fit well on your cup when they're combined.

    • If you don't want a name on your cups, write "No Name" in the box above.

    • There is a 9 Letter Limit.

    • No cuss words, inappropriate language, or special characters like....!#@&.

    • No Coupon Code can be used to purchase Custom Coffee Cups 

    • We have the right to cancel your order for not following our policy and or for misusing this product listing. 

    • Please make sure your order is correct before checking out, we will not cancel, refund, or exchange your coffee cups.  

Thank you!

You will receive...

→ 1 Sticker Sheet which includes 30 Coffee Cup Stickers. 

This is a PRE-SALE item. This means your order will ship a few weeks from when you purchase the item. Please check our shop processing time page for details. There may be a restock or new cups in the future. Please make sure to join the VIP List to be notified for future custom cups.