When is my order going to ship?

Please check our processing time page here. 


What planner do you sticker kits fit in?

All of our collections fit the New 2020-2021 EC Vertical Size. The pieces to fill in the scene stickers and the bottom washi were measured to fit the New 2020-2021 EC Vertical Kit. 


What kind of sticker paper do you use? 

All stickers come on glossy sticker paper.


Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately, no. All of our items are handmade and made to order, and because of this we do not accept returns under any circumstances, and we do not do refunds. If there is a problem with your order, please message us.


Custom stickers and kits?

We do not currently take custom orders or custom freebie requests. 


Can I combine my order that I made today with the order I made a few days ago and save on shipping?

Unfortunately not, we do not combine orders.


Why won't my coupon code work?

1.) All coupon codes do not work on the Coffee Cups anymore because of the detail and time it takes to make them for each person. 

2.) The coupon code you are using is no longer valid. 

3.) You have already used the coupon code before. 


Why didn't I get the freebie I requested in my order?

PR codes are strictly for the coupon section at checkout, not in the notes to me. When you're checking out, enter the discount code on the right side of the page in the "gift card and discount code" box and click the "apply" button. If the code was actually applied to your order and you didn't get the PR freebie you requested, please email me.

Only one discount code can be applied on a single order. Thank you for understanding! 


I had something in my cart and went to pay for it and then it wasn't in my cart anymore?

Unfortunately during a sale, due to the high volume of people and the limited quantity of sticker sheets, things tend to sell out quickly. Once a sale item is sold or someone purchased the item before you, the item will no longer be available to purchase.


I wanted to buy a specific sticker collection but I can't find it in the shop?

Each collection is in the shop for a reasonable amount of time. All collections in the shop are Limited Edition and they all have a specific time period that they are available. Once the collection has retired, the collection will not be coming back. I can not make exceptions to anyone if they missed out on a collection.

Only Coffee Cup stickers will be available in the shop during our coffee cup Pre-Sale. Once the Pre-Sale is over, we will have our current collections back in the shop.


What is a Luxuriously Flawed Sale?

This sale is also know as a glitch sale. The sale is held a few times a year with a VERY LIMITED amount of flawed stickers. 
These stickers are flawed meaning they are blemished, damaged, or imperfect in some way, i.e. was cut slightly wrong, leftover from old kits, a sticker missing, printed wrong, not cut deep enough, sticker sheet damaged, etc. 
Because of this, we mark stickers down to ridiculously low prices! Stickers sell out VERY QUICKLY during this sale and the shop can not be held responsible for stickers selling out before you have the chance to pay for them.


 How do I become eligible for the Instagram Giveaway?

1. Post your sticker haul or planner spread on Instagram.
All haul type photos from this shop, will be eligible. Planner Spreads will be eligible only if the planner spread is using one of The Crafty Banana Collections.

2. Please tag the shop ON the photo so that I can find your picture when choosing a winner. Make sure to tag the picture and not just tag in the description. 

3. Giveaway Winners are announced on the 1st of every month for the previous months posts, on Instagram and the winner will be tagged in a photo saying that they have won.

4. You will be eligible for the month that you posted your photo in. 
(Example: Say you posted your picture on Jan 18. You are only eligible to win the giveaway for that month.)